About COVID-19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is evolving very rapidly. People with endocrine conditions, particularly diabetes are very exposed to COVID-19. As the diseases progresses, our health systems in rich and poor countries are under pressure. COVID-19 does not discriminate and will aggravate inequalities within societies, with vulnerable groups likely to suffer the most.

Our vision is to ensure optimal lifelong health for people living with endocrine conditions. We can do that together as a united endocrine community. As this is a novel disease with very few guidelines and scientific materials available, we propose to start sharing information, guidance and good practice to help each other.

A number of prominent health actors have already produced and made available resources. We wuould like to share with you these links that you might find useful:

  • ISE’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemics
  • Latest research from NIH
  • Public Health information from CDC
  • WHO information for the general public